What Are the Methods of Meat Packaging?

With the improvement of the global economic level, the demand for meat in various countries also increases. At the same time, the demand for meat packaging machines has also increased. Many people want to know about the methods of meat packaging. In this article, we will introduce this point in detail for you.

Meat in the supermarket
Meat In The Supermarket

Shrink packing method

The shrink packing method is to pack the meat first, then use the meat packaging machine to extract the air inside, and then seal it. Then immerse the package in hot water or a hot air channel. The purpose of this is to shrink the heat energy, tighten the film and tightly wrap the product. Finally, the bag is vacuumed. It’s an efficient method of meat packaging.
Shrink packaging can be in the form of bags, bags, trays, etc. The advantage of these meat packaging bags is that the appearance of the product is smooth and the meat quality is obvious. And it is not easy to be broken during transportation. This packaging method was first used for Turkey packaging. Because of its good effect, it is extended to the packaging of all kinds of poultry, bacon, and sausage. In recent years, it has been extended to fresh meat packaging.

Meat packed by shrink packing
Meat Packed By Shrink Packing

Packaging materials

Its packaging lining is preferably cross-linked, biaxially oriented low-density polyethylene, which reduces the probability of material breakage during packaging, storage, and transportation. This method is simpler and has a lower cost than modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging method

Modified atmosphere packaging is a packaging method that completely extracts the air through vacuum operation. And then injects carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases into the bag to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. If you want to pack pork, then you can use carbon dioxide and oxygen. And the oxygen infusion is 80%. This kind of gas packaging can keep the fresh meat in good condition within 7 days at 0~4℃. After 12 days, sensory determinations of activin, volatile base nitrogen, and pH in the packaging were all very low.

This kind of packaging does not need to be frozen and only needs some cooling measures. When inflating, add carbon dioxide and oxygen. If only carbon dioxide was used, after 12 days, although the freshness did not decrease, the color was poor. This is due to a lack of oxygen. To keep the meat’s vibrant color inside the bag, some oxygen should be added. To achieve this packaging effect, you need a modified atmosphere packaging machine for meat.

Map packing
Map Packing

Vacuum packaging method

The vacuum packaging method is to pack the meat in an evacuated plastic bag. We can achieve this with a meat vacuum packaging machine. Due to the physiological function of the meat itself, oxygen will be quickly consumed, and carbon dioxide will be produced at the same time. In this way, the growth of bacteria can be inhibited, the shelf life of the meat can be extended, and it can be stored for at least 2 months at 1°C.

Vacuum packaging machine for meat
Vacuum Packaging Machine For Meat

At Top Machinery, we have many models of this type of vacuum packing machine for meat. This meat packaging equipment is very attractive to meat sellers and supermarket operators. Because it not only simplifies the process of the slaughterhouse but also greatly reduces the storage space compared with refrigerated white strips. It has the flexibility of turnover in purchasing and selling and can prolong the storage period of meat. This is the main methods of meat packaging. If you want to buy a meat vacuum packaging machine, please feel free to contact us.