Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Single chamber vacuum sealer plays a significant role in packing industry which can facilitate the packing process and prolong the shelf life of products. It can achieve the special packing requirements that remove air from the package prior to sealing. Meanwhile, the product volume after vacuum packaging is smaller than that of ordinary packaging products, which is more convenient for transportation and storage. And as a professional supplier, we provide customers with an extensive range of single chamber vacuum packing machines. They are of good performance and excellent quality, which are very suitable for food processing and industrial manufacturing. If you have any needs, please get in touch with us as soon.

Single room vacuum packaging machine
single room vacuum packaging machine

Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Sale

Our single chamber vacuum packaging machine is designed to meet the special needs of maximizing the removal of air and extending shelf life. This machine can automatically seal the packing bag immediately after it is vacuumed and thus extend the product storage period and prevent product corruption and moisture. In addition to preventing products from damage, it can also increase production speed and save production costs. Being a professional manufacturer, there are a variety of vacuum packaging machines available, such as single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, and fully automatic vacuum packaging machines. If you want more information, please get in touch with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Single chamber vacuum packaging machine
Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Single chamber vacuum sealer
single chamber vacuum sealer

Applications of Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Single chamber vacuum packing machine is a versatile machine with a wide range of uses. On the one hand, it is suitable for packaging various kinds of food such as meat, rice, bacon, pickles, preserved fruits, etc. On the other hand, it is also suitable for packaging chemicals, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, and other products. Besides, this packaging method can effectively prevent the product from oxidation, mildew, corrosion, and moisture. Moreover, it can maintain the freshness and original flavor of the product to the greatest extent. Feel free to contact us for more information. Our single chamber vacuum packaging machine is of high quality and has a wide range of uses, which will certainly meet your packaging needs for various products. Welcome to email us for more information. We have a professional team that can answer all kinds of questions for you.


Features of Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. Our single chamber vacuum sealers are built with a compact footprint and allow users to move these machines easily.

2. All vacuum packing machines from us are constructed of high-quality 304 stainless steel so that it is easy to clean and maintain.

3. These machines are equipped with removable seal bars that can fit with your different choice.

4. High degree of automation. A single chamber vacuum packaging machine can complete the entire packaging process at one time.

5. The single chamber vacuum packaging machine has advanced design, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, and is an ideal small vacuum packaging machine.

6. The machine is equipped with various adjustment devices. According to the different packaging requirements of the product, the vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time can be adjusted.

Price of Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

The price of a product has a lot to do with its manufacturing cost. Generally speaking, the price of a well-made and well-structured machine will be higher. Moreover, in addition to production costs, transportation costs, rental costs, brand factors, etc., will also have a great impact on prices. Of course, being a reliable supplier, we provide our customers with a reasonable price all the time. Owning our own factory, our products are all factory direct sales, and there is no middleman to make the difference, so our prices are more favorable. While having a reasonable price, our products are also fully in line with international standards. Any interest?  Welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

How to Safely Operate This Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine? 

1. Turn on the power supply: choose different switches according to your needs. One is the exhaust indicator light, and the other is the inflation indicator light.

2. Put the plastic bag containing the products in the vacuum chamber. Then place the mouth of the bag neatly on the heat seal bar.

3. Press down the cover. Then the vacuum pump starts pumping. The vacuum button can adjust the vacuum level according to the packaging requirements.

4. When the pumping reaches the set time, the air extraction is completed, and the indicator light will go out. Then the heat sealing indicator light will be on, which means the sealing process will begin.

6. When the heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light goes out. After the machine cover is automatically lifted, the vacuum packaging process is all over. It is ready for the next packaging.

Why Choose Us?

Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd was formally established in 1992 in Henan, China, and the headquarters is located in Zhengzhou. We have been involved in the design, production, and sales of packaging machines for many years, so we have accumulated rich experience and professional techniques. And we always uphold the mission of innovation and maintain the continuous growth of the business scale by providing high-quality products and services. In addition to offering excellent single chamber packing machine, we also provide various vertical packing machines, multi-head weigher packing machines, pillow packing machines, etc. If you are looking for reliable packaging machine manufacturers, please contact us for more details.

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Over twenty years, our company has been committed to the research and production of packaging machines and has established a fine corporation image. The company strives to provide high-quality products for the majority of customers. It is your sincere friend and ideal partner. If you choose to cooperate with us, you will get quality service and a great single chamber vacuum sealer. And if you have some ideas about machines’ structure or design, we can offer you customized service. Besides, we have professional transportation and after-sales service team. If you need it, we can provide detailed information. Welcome to leave a message today.

Parameters of commercial Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum pump power0.9 kW
Sealing power0.6 kW
Absolute pressure0.1 pa
No. of sealing strips1
Sealing strip size500 mm*10 mm*2
Chamber material304 stainless steel
Cover materialOrganic glass
Chamber size525*520*130 mm
Machine size650*580*960 mm
Machine weight80 kg

The size of our single chamber vacuum sealer is 650*580*960mm and the chamber size is 525*520*130mm. Stainless steel makes our machines have a longer service life.

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