Vegetable Packing Machine

Vegetable packaging machines are indispensable equipment in various large supermarkets and food factories. Because the products packaged by the vegetable packing machine can better maintain their original taste and have a long storage time. At the same time, this kind of machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of fresh agricultural products, such as tomatoes, onions, dates, lemons, and many other products. Besides, it can also be used for packing vegetables of various sizes and is simple to use. If you are looking for an efficient and high-quality vegetable wrapping machine, please contact us as soon as possible.

Pillow vegetable packaging machine
pillow vegetable packaging machine

Vegetable Packing Machine for Sale

Fresh vegetables need to be packaged carefully to avoid damage and contamination. So the vegetable packaging machine is of great importance for meeting all kinds of packing requirements of people. This machine is highly efficient and hygienic so it is very conducive to the packing of fresh vegetables and fruits. Being an experienced packing equipment supplier and exporter, the packing machine from us has stable performance and high efficiency. Meanwhile, the entire packaging process is highly automated, which greatly improves packaging efficiency and maintains the freshness of vegetables. And we have a variety of vegetable packing machines for sale, welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

Vacuum vetegable packaging machine
vacuum vegetable packaging machine

Different Types of Vegetable Packaging Equipment

Our vegetable packaging machine is a simple wrapping machine for packing fresh vegetables into various bags. This packing method can improve your packaging speed and product hygiene. Besides, it can also reduce the damage of the product and greatly extend the storage time of the product. There are a large number of vegetable packaging machines available. For example, you can choose vacuum packing machine or pillow packing machine to meet the different packaging needs of vegetables. But in general, we usually choose pillow packaging machines to pack vegetables. Because the pillow packaging machine is more automated. In addition, vegetables are generally ready-to-eat foods and do not need to be stored for long periods of time. If you have any needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Advantages of Vegetable Packing Machine

1. High degree of automation. The whole machine adopts a microcomputer control system. So the operation of it is safe and reliable.

2. It adopts a progressive motor. Once the bag length is set, it can be cut immediately without waiting, saving time and film.

3. The touch screen adopts the Chinese-English comparison page, and the user can switch between Chinese and English.

4. It has a fault self-diagnosis function. The fault location can be marked on the display.

5. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, sealing and cutting position is more accurate.

6. The drive system is stable. It not only realizes the steps of feeding, packaging, sealing and cutting, but also effectively improves the packaging efficiency.

7. Low waste rate. There is an automatic detection device in the drive system to prevent empty bags from entering the sealing and cutting process. This can improve packaging quality and avoid wasting packaging film.

Major Components of a Vegetable Packing Machine

Pillow vegetable packaging machine mainly consists of five parts. The first part is the control area. Our pillow packaging machine adopts a large-size touch screen so that it is easy to operate. And you can switch the language according to your need. The second part is the linkage film roll device. It works better than a single roll film shaft. Because there are many kinds of materials for the film. The third part is forming part. When the machine starts to work, it can make the film into different bags according to the specific needs. The next is the heat seal cutter. The roll film is prepackaged through the heat-sealed area, which makes the packaging effect better. And the last part is the date printer. This part can use ink to add the date on the product packaging bag.

Major components of pillow packing machine
major components of pillow packing machine

Why Choose us?

Firstly, Henan Top Packing Machinery company has been engaged in packing industry for many years and has rich experience. Secondly, we maintain long-term cooperation with major manufacturers and have our own factories, which make our products at reasonable prices. In addition, we have a professional manufacturing team to ensure the quality of our products. Finally, we have a professional service attitude. We not only produce packaging machines but are also committed to helping customers solve problems and bring value to customers. So, if you have some troubles in purchasing vegetable packing machines, welcome to get in touch with us. Our staff will provide you with detailed information and professional solutions.

Our company
our company

How to Safely Use Vegetable Packing Machine ?

1. Turn on the power, remove obstacles and unrelated personnel around the equipment, and then install the packaging film in accordance with the regulations.

2. Adjust the packaging opening according to the film width and vegetable size, and start the packaging machine after the adjustment is completed.

3. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt of the vegetable packaging machine. If the package is ahead or lagging behind, you can open the clutch and pull the conveyor to a suitable position by hand.

4. Put the vegetables on the conveyor belt and send them to the packaging opening.

5. The vegetables pass through the packaging opening and the packaging is completed.

6. During the operation of the packaging machine, pressing the emergency switch can stop the packaging machine.

Parameters of Pillow Vegetable Packing Machine

Film widthMax. 250 mmMax. 350 mmMax. 450 mmMax. 600 mm
Bag length45-220 mm120-280 mm130-450 mm120-450 mm
Bag width30-110 mm50-160 mm50-80 mm50-180 mm
Product heightMax. 40 mmMax. 60 mmMax. 70 mmMax. 70 mm
Packing speed40-330 bag/min40-230 bag/min30-180 bag/min30-180 bag/min
Power2.4 kw2.6 kw220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA220V, 50/ 60HZ, 2.6KVA
Weight800 kg900 kg900 kg800 kg
Dimension3770*670*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm4020*745*1450 mm3770*670*1450 mm

The above four kinds of vegetable and fruit packaging machines can meet your different needs. In addition, the packaging machine can pack up to 330 bags of vegetables and fruits in one minute.

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