Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Double chamber vacuum packing machine is designed to vacuum and seal food or non-food products into plastic bags. It is one of the most commonly used packaging machines in the world, suitable for food, medicine, electronic components, and other industries. The double chamber vacuum packing machine can achieve the function of guaranteeing product quality and extending the product’s storage period. In addition, if you use this machine to package food, it can also maintain the freshness and original flavor of the product to the greatest extent. We, Henan Top Packaging Machinery Company, provide a wide variety of packaging machines in various styles. If you want to buy a packing machine with good quality and multifunction, please contact us.

Vacuum packing machine
double chamber vacuum packing machine

Double Room Vacuum Sealer for Sale

There are various types of vacuum packaging equipment available from us. You can choose the most suitable one based on the size, length, width, and thickness of your package. For example, if you want to pack big packages like whole chicken, you need a double chamber vacuum packing machine with a deep chamber. And our machines adopt advanced technology, high-quality materials, and powerful control system, which can meet your diversified packaging needs. Besides, the product after vacuum packaging has not only extended the shelf life but also reduced its volume. This greatly facilitates the storage and transportation of the products. In addition to providing all kinds of double chamber vacuum sealers, we also offer single chamber vacuum sealers, stretch film vacuum packaging machines, and external suction vacuum packaging machines. If you are interested in our products, please contact us anytime.

Double room vacuum sealer
double room vacuum sealer

Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Vs Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer 

First of all, the single-chamber vacuum sealer has only one vacuum chamber and its volume is relatively small. Because there is only one vacuum chamber, it must wait for the previous product to be packaged before placing the next one. Therefore, its efficiency will be lower. But the double chamber vacuum sealer is different. It has two vacuum chambers, and the left and right vacuum chambers can work alternately, so its efficiency will be higher. Second, the performance of the two machines is different. The pumping rate of a double chamber vacuum packaging machine is generally twice that of a single chamber. In summary, compared to single chamber vacuum sealer, a double chamber vacuum sealer has a larger volume, better performance, and higher working efficiency, but the price is also more expensive. You can choose according to the actual packaging needs. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Single room vacuum packing machine
Single Room Vacuum Packing Machine
Double room vacuum packaging machine
double room vacuum packaging machine

How Does Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Work?

1. Vacuum: The vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump works, and the vacuum chamber starts to evacuate. After reaching the set vacuum degree, the vacuum pump stops working.

2. Heat sealing: The outside atmosphere enters the heat sealing chamber through the upper air hole of the machine, so that the heat press frame moves down and presses the bag mouth; at the same time, the heat sealing transformer works to start sealing.

3. Air return: The atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the pointer of the vacuum gauge returns to zero, the heat press frame is reset, and the vacuum chamber is opened.

4. Cycle: Move the vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, that is, enter the next working process, and the left and right chambers work alternately.

Features of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. High degree of automation and fast working speed. This packing method can greatly save labor costs and management costs for you.

2. The main parts of the equipment are all made of stainless steel, and the main parts will not rust and fall off due to long-term use.

3. Multi-language human-machine operation interface, equipped with operation failure analysis system, making your operation easier and clearer.

4. Professional and fast technical services will solve the problems in the production process for you.

5. The equipment can be made according to your needs to suit your working environment. And the length of the equipment can be customized according to the size of the workshop to make better use of the area of the production workshop.

Features of the vacuum packaging machine
features of the vacuum packaging machine

Operation Notes:

1. Before operating the machine, you must read the manual carefully and be familiar with the use of the machine.

2. Perform regular maintenance on the vacuum pump according to the instructions. And the vacuum pump cannot be reversed, so as not to damage the vacuum system.

3. Keep the inside and outside of the machine clean. Frequently check whether the vacuum chamber has foreign matters to ensure the sealing strength.

4. Frequently check whether the machine is in good contact to ensure safe use of electricity.

5. Do not replace the machine parts at will, so as not to cause machine malfunction.

6. When a fault is found, the power should be turned off in time, if necessary, connect the emergency stop button, lift the cover after venting, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and eliminate the fault.

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Equipment Supplier

Since its establishment, Henan Top Packaging Machinery Company has taken technological innovation and equipment manufacturing as its main market goals. And we have been focusing on the packaging machine manufacturing field for more than twenty years. At present, we have developed a broad international market for our products with strong technical strength. With reliable quality and favorable prices, our products have received unanimous praise in the United States, India, Thailand, Nigeria, and other countries. Moreover, our services team can provide a series of efficient pre-sales, after-sales services. If you are looking for a reliable partner, welcome contact us as soon as possible. Our prices were too good to miss.

Customer visit
customer visit

Parameters of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum pump power1.5 KW
Sealing power1.17 KW
Absolute pressure0.1 pa
No. of sealing strips2
Sealing strip size500 mm*10 mm*2
Chamber material304 stainless steel
Cover materialOrganic glass
Chamber size525*520*130 mm
Machine size1260*605*960 mm
Machine weight150 kg

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