50kg Rice Packing Machine

50 kg rice packing machine is commonly used in our life which can greatly improve work efficiency and save cost. It mainly designed for packing rice, soybeans, pills, grains, melon seeds, mung beans, sunflower seeds and so on. In addition to granule packing machine, there are many other machines that can be used for packing rice. For example, we have chain packing machine, vacuum packing machine, and lapel packing machine attached multi-head weigher for sale. Besides, packing machines from us allow our customers to pack grains into bags with a large range of capacities. Our packaging equipment is well-designed and simple to operate, which can make the packaging process smoother. If you are looking for an intelligent and automatic rice packing machine, welcome to get in touch with us as soon.  

Multi-head weigher-rice packaging machine
multi-head weigher rice packaging machine

Excellent 50 kg Rice Packing Machine for Sale

Rice is the staple food of Asians, so it is of great significance in the packaging industry. Because good packaging not only makes the transportation and storage of rice more convenient but also maintains the original taste of rice. And the purpose of packaging rice in various ways is to extend the storage period of the rice and ensure its quality. In addition, as an honest packing equipment company, we provide various excellent packaging machinery that can complete the entire packaging process from filling the bag to sealing. You can choose a suitable packaging machine according to specific needs. If you are looking for high-quality packaging machines, welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

Chain bucket-rice packaging machine
tipping bucket rice packaging machine

Different Types of Rice Packaging Equipment

There is an extensive range of 50 kg rice packing machine available from us. For instance, we have granule packaging machines, vacuum packaging machines, multi-head weigher packing machines, etc., which can meet various packaging needs. You can choose the right machine according to your demand. For example, you can choose granule packing machine for low-weight packagings, such as more expensive high-end rice products, or some rice snacks. You can also choose vacuum packing machine or lapel packing machine attached multi-head weigher for high-weight packings, such as wholesale or large-scale users. Have any interest? Please contact us soon! We offer the best quality50 kg rice packing machine at a reasonable price.

Rice vacuum packaging machine
Rice Vacuum Packaging Machine
Rice granule packing machine
Rice Granule Packing Machine

Why Choose us from Many Manufactures?

Henan Top Packing Machinery Co. Ltd, located in Zhengzhou, Henan. It is a company specializing in the production and sale of packaging equipment. At the same time, our company has advanced technical and rich manufacturing experience. So the products we produce and sell are of high quality and stable performance, which have won praise and support from our customers. In addition to offering all kinds of rice packing machines, we also provide many other packing machines, such as liquid packaging machines, pillow packaging machines, etc. And our company has always fully considered the suggestions of customers and strives to make every customer satisfied. So, if you are interested in our products, welcome to email us for more details.

Customers choose us
customers choose us

Advantages of Rice Packaging Machine

  1. High production efficiency. It can meet the company’s production requirements.
  2. Wide range of packaging. These rice vacuum packaging machine can achieve operations that cannot be achieved by manual packaging, such as vacuum packaging, air-filled packaging, etc.
  3. Advanced technology can effectively ensure the quality of packaging. Mechanical packaging can uniformly package the products according to the needs of the packaged items
  4. Reduce labor intensity and improve labor regulations. Mechanical packaging can reduce the labor intensity of workers and ease their work pressure.
  5. Reduce packaging costs, save storage and transportation costs. Vacuum packaging can greatly increase the storage time of the product and is convenient to transport.
  6. It can ensure product hygiene. Mechanical packaging effectively avoids direct contact with rice and other foods by workers.

What is the Cost of 50 Kg Rice Packing Machine? 

There are many factors that can affect prices. For example, different types of products have different prices. Even the same product will have different prices because of different materials or technologies. In addition, product costs, storage costs, transportation costs, and brand image will all have an impact on product prices. We have our own factory, so the price of our products is more favorable compared to other manufacturers. At the same time, the quality of our products is also guaranteed. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and fully comply with international standards. Moreover, as a reliable and sincere company, we hope that customers can get suitable and favorable products for their companies. If you want to know the rice bag packing machine price, please feel free to contact us.

What Can We Do for You?

  1. Being a professional packing machine manufacturer, we can offer quality product with competitive price.
  2. We have professional purchasing consultants so that can provide you with advice on products and a free quotation.
  3. Offer excellent pre-sales and after-sales service and once you have some questions, you can get in touch with us at any time, we will reply as soon as possible.
  4. We can provide customize machines according to your different requirements.
  5. Convenient transportation. We have different methods of transportation that can ensure the products arrive on time. So you can choose the most suitable transportation method according to the actual situation. 
Client feedback
client feedback

How to Choose the Right Rice Packaging Machine ?

Firstly, you need to consider what kind of 50 kg rice packing machine do you want. Taking the rice vacuum packaging machine as an example, it is designed for evacuates the product and then seal it. This method can effectively prevent product deterioration, prolong storage time and facilitate transportation. Secondly, you’d better cooperate with a reliable company which has enough strength and rich experience. With high quality, favorable price and excellent service, reliable supplier will never let you down and our company is no exception. We always put product quality in the first place, and will not reduce costs in order to increase profits. Our goal is long-term stable development. So, you can completely trust us, if you still have concerns, welcome to visit our factory, we will provide you with thoughtful service.

TH-420 Chain Packing Machine Parameters

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kwDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
Thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmPacking range100-1000 ml

Multi-head Weigher 50 kg Rice Packing Machine Parameters

Packing speed30-60 bag/minMax width of roll film430 mm
Bag length30-280 mmPower voltageAC220V / AC380V
Max diameter of film scroll≤Φ 350 mmDeadweight of machine400 kg
Power consumption1.2 kwDimension of outer packing870*1350*1850 mm
Thickness of roll film0.03-0.10 mmMeasuring range100-1000 ml

The above are the parameters of our two different types of 50kg rice packing machines. The deadweight of the machine is 400 kg, and the dimension of the outer packing is 870*1350*1850 mm. These two rice packaging machines can meet your packaging needs.

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