Fully Automatic Milk Packing Machine

Fully automatic milk packing machine can pack milk into containers much more accurately and much quicker than any human could, thereby reducing production costs. Milk plays a big role in our everyday lives. There isn’t a day that we don’t use milk. Therefore, the milk needs good packaging to keep it fresh and prevent the loss of nutritional value. Then an automatic liquid packing machine is employed to do this work. Being a professional packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, there is much milk packing equipment available from us. Moreover, our packaging machine is of good quality, reasonable structure, exquisite appearance, and favorable price. If you want to get a suitable fully automatic milk packing machine, please contact us for more information.

Milk filling machine
milk filling machine

Different Types of Milk Packaging Machines for Sale

There are three main types of milk packaging machines for sale: vertical liquid packing machine, the liquid filling machine with a single head, and liquid filling machine with a multi-head. And our packaging machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety, and health. For example, our milk packaging machine can pack milk into containers on a large scale. And all parts of the liquid packaging machine in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene. All these machines are suitable for milk packaging, but the liquid filling machine with multi-head is obviously the most recommended. Because its output is several times that of ordinary liquid filling machines. This can significantly improve the efficiency of the work process and meet the requirements of mass production.

Milk filling machine
Milk Filling Machine
Milk packing machine
Milk Packing Machine

What is the Price of Milk Packing Machine?

The price of fully automatic milk packaging machines varies greatly. Because their materials, packaging range, design, structure, etc. are very different. Of course, the specific price still depends on the type of machine you choose. For example, the price of a small single-head liquid filling machine is relatively cheap. Because of its small size and simple structure, the cost is relatively low. The price of a multi-head liquid filling machine is higher, because it is equipped with multiple detachable filling equipment, which is easy to clean, and one machine can be used for multiple materials. And its efficiency is several times that of a single-head liquid filling machine. Therefore, the cost of this machine is relatively high. If your budget permits, it is highly recommended to purchase more efficient and powerful machines.

Milk filling machine for sale
milk filling machine for sale

Features of Fully Automatic Milk Packing Machine

  1. The milk filling machine is simple and convenient to operate and does not require special technical training. However, attention should be paid to details and safety. As long as you understand the instructions, you can operate the milk filling machine.
  2. The milk filling machine is a very cost-effective mechanical equipment. It has various types. Large manufacturers can use liquid filling production lines; small manufacturers can use a single filling machine.
  3. The maintenance is convenient, and the general machine needs to be repaired by professionals. But because the machine is controlled by a computer program, the general person who understands packaging machinery can repair it.
  4. Wide application range. In addition to packaging milk, it can also package juice, vinegar, wine, soy sauce, and other liquids.
Milk packaging
milk packaging

How to Find Right Milk Packing Machine?

Buying a suitable fully automatic milk packing machine is not an easy task. You may feel very confused when choosing a machine, because the market is flooded with various brands and types of milk packing machines. In order to get the right machine, you need to consider the following points before buying. First of all, you should understand why you need a popcorn machine? Is it for commercial use or home use? Secondly, the quality of the machine is also a very important factor. High-quality popcorn machines tend to last longer and have lower maintenance costs. The other thing that needs to be considered is the budget. If your budget allows you to invest more, you can choose a product with higher output and higher efficiency.

Why Choose Us as your Supplier?

Choosing a packaging machine supplier is a major decision. Because this can determine the implementation of your project and affect your business in the next few years. And here are the main reasons our customers chose us. First of all, our company has a long history and rich experience. Henan Top Company is a brand with a history of nearly 30 years in the market. With professional knowledge and rich experience, our products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions. Secondly, flexible packing solutions. We abide by international regulations and standards and can provide customers with excellent packing equipment. Third, quality service. We provide our customers with perfect service while providing top-quality products at competitive prices.

Customers choose us
customers choose us

How to Maintain Fully Automatic Milk Packing Machine?

1. When the equipment is out of use, flush the residual liquid in the pipeline with clean water in time to keep it dry and tidy. Otherwise, the deterioration of the residual liquid will affect the product quality of the next shift.

2. Regularly check all moving parts and lubrication conditions to keep all parts in good condition. This can prolong the service life of the machine.

3. Check regularly to remove foreign objects on the heat-sealed copper block, or it will affect the sealing effect.

4. When the temperature is below zero, you should use hot water to dissolve the frozen objects in the quantitative pump and the pipeline. Otherwise, the connecting rod will be broken or the machine will not start.

Contact Us to Facilitate Your Business

For facilitating your milk business, our milk packaging machine is your first choice.

Henan Top Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a large number of equipment for packaging various materials in different industries. And our equipment is welcomed by customers due to its excellent quality and favorable price. The milk packaging equipment can package milk into pouches and bottles automatically and accurately. And our milk packing equipment has the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, fast work efficiency, exquisite design, etc. This can greatly increase your output, save labor costs, and help expand your business. In addition to offering high-quality milk packaging machines, we also provide other packaging machines, such as capping machines, labeling machines, vacuum packaging machines, etc. Ready to boost your business? Contact us immediately!

Combined milk packing machine
combined milk packing machine

TH-420 Liquid Packaging Machine Parameters

Packing speed5-30 bag/minAir consumption0.65 mpa
Bag length80-300 mmGas consumption0.3 m³/min
Bag width50-200 mmDimension1320 mm×950 mm×1360 mm
Power2.2 kwWeight540 kg
Voltage220 VMeasuring range5-1000 ml

Our fully automatic milk packing machine can pack milk with a bag length of 80-300mm and bag width of 50-200mm. It can pack 5-30 packs of milk per minute. If you need our milk filling machine, welcome to contact us at any time.

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