Vertical Packaging Machine

Vertical packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment with a wide range of uses and high efficiency. And there are various types of this kind of machine, mainly including vertical form filling and sealing (VFFS), vertical vacuum packaging machine, vertical multi-head weigher packaging machine and so on. The vertical packaging machine is suitable for the primary packaging of a single product (regular or irregular shape). Moreover, it has high automation and good packaging effect, which is conducive to product storage and sales. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for food, medical, hardware, and other industries. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for more details.

Vertical paste packing machine
vertical paste packing machine

Different Vertical Packaging Equipment for Sale

The vertical packing equipment is engineered to pack different products so that they can be stored, transported, and sold conveniently. For our customers, we offer different machines to fulfill their diverse packing needs. For example, we have vertical liquid filling machine, vertical granule packaging machine, vertical powder packaging machine, vertical vacuum sealing machine, etc. to choose from. In addition, this series of vertical packaging machines can not only produce high-quality packaging styles, but also significantly improve packaging efficiency and save packaging costs. We provide a full range of vertical packaging machines designed to meet your packaging needs. If you have any needs, please get in touch with as soon as possible.

1 3kg chilli powder packaging machne 1
Vertical Powder Packing Machine
Liquid packaging machine
Liquid Packaging Machine
Granule packing machine
Granule Packing Machine

Various Advantages of Vertical Packaging Machine

1. Good packaging effect. It can obtain packages with consistent specifications according to the required shape and size.

2. High degree of automation. This machine can complete the entire packaging process such as weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and counting.

3. High working efficiency. This kind of machine allows long-term, continuous work and thus greatly improves production efficiency.

4. The operation is simple and convenient. The machine adopts an advanced computer control system, so workers can operate the machine easily after simple training.

5. Adopt a PLC servo system. Maximize the control accuracy, reliability, and intelligence of the whole machine.

6. Wide range of packaging. It is suitable for granules, powders, liquids, solids, and other products. Suitable for many industrials such as the food industry, hardware industry, daily necessities industry, chemical industry, etc.

What is Vertical Packaging Machine Used for?

Vertical packaging machine is a machine with strong packaging ability. It is not only suitable for packaging all kinds of particles, powders, and liquids but also suitable for food and non-food. For example, the granule packing machine is suitable for packing granular materials with good fluidity, such as peanuts, beans, peas, seeds, popcorn, etc. The powder packing machine is suitable for various powder products, such as milk powder, soy milk powder, coffee powder, etc. While the liquid packing machine is suitable for filling water, milk, juice, vinegar, wine, and other liquids. In conclusion, vertical packing equipment has extensive applications. Moreover, this machine can be continuously packaged, which greatly saves time and labor costs.

Applications of liquid packing machine
applications of liquid packing machine
Applications of powder packing machine
applications of powder packing machine

Vertical Packaging Machine Price

There are many factors that affect the price of packing machines. First of all, the material of the machine. For example, stainless steel machines are more expensive than ordinary machines because of their good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Secondly, the machine configuration. Some machines can be equipped with coding devices and Inflatable devices. Therefore, such a machine will be more expensive. Then, the brand also has certain influence. Some big brands with a long history have a higher influence, and people are more willing to buy their products, so their machines are generally more expensive. Finally, the quality. In order to reduce prices and attract customers, some manufacturers will compress the costs of materials, processes, and designs. So, we cannot regard price as the only criterion for purchase but should consider all factors carefully.

How to Choose a right Vertical Packing Machine

Choosing the best packaging equipment for your business can be a challenge. Because no solution is a panacea. So you need to consider many factors, from the packaging materials to the desired packaging style and speed. Firstly, no matter what kind of machine you want to buy, it is very important to choose the one that meets your current needs and future expectations. Secondly, the decision of machine type is dependent upon your product type and desired bag type. Thirdly, choosing a supplier that can provide services and spare parts in a timely manner. Then, after choosing the right machine and a good manufacturer, you should start to consider the cost, such as the machine cost, the maintenance cost, and transportation costs. Try to take all factors into consideration. This can help you to better buy the right machine.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation
Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation

What Can We Do for You?

Product maintenance and repair:  Our packaging machine is guaranteed for 12 months. Most parts are free replacement and warranty, such as PLC, servo controller, servo motor, touch screen, etc.

Technical support and guarantee: We will provide customers with technical problem consultants before ordering, including designing customized projects, analyzing and solving technical problems.

Operation training: We are very happy to receive customer’s technical staff to our factory to learn operation courses, take photos or videos. If you don’t have time to visit our factory, we can also provide remote guidance.

Quality service: To provide customers with high-quality services is our goal. Whether you encounter any problems before or after the purchase, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us for the Best Price

Henan Top Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of packaging machines.  In addition, the company has always maintained an innovative attitude to provide a large number of machines for various industries. The company’s products mainly include various automatic packing machines, vertical packing machines, vacuum packing machines, etc. In addition, we also provide packaging production line design and supporting equipment. Moreover, our packaging machines have the advantages of fast packing speed, high degree of automation, and strong ability to adapt to materials. They are widely used in food, daily necessities and many other industries. Some products have entered the international market and are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, such as United States, Canada, France, and India. If you have any needs, please contact us. And if you want to be our distributor, we can give you the best price.

Parameters of Granule Packing Machine

Filling range22-220 ml100-1000 g
Packing style/bag styleBack-sealBack seal/3-side seal
Packing speed32-72 bag/min or 50-100 bag/min20-80 bags/min
Bag length30-180 mm30-180 mm adjust
Bag width20-145 mm (replace bag former)20-200 mm
Dimension650*1050*1950 mm750*750*2100 mm
Carton size1100*750*1820 mm/
Weight250 kg420 kg
Power consumption1.8 kw2.2 kw
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
NoteCustomization service is availableCustomization service is available

TH-420 Liquid Packaging Machine Parameters

Packing speed5-30 bag/minAir consumption0.65 mpa
Bag length80-300 mmGas consumption0.3 m³/min
Bag width50-200 mmDimension1320 mm×950 mm×1360 mm
Power2.2 kwWeight540 kg
Voltage220 VMeasuring range5-1000 ml

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