Advantages of Vacuum Packing Vegetables

With the development of the express delivery and takeaway industries, vegetable packaging has become more and more popular. Many vegetable packing houses use vegetable vacuum packing machines for vegetable packaging. Next, we will introduce the advantages of vacuum packaging vegetables.

Vegetable vacuum packing machine
vegetable vacuum packing machine

Advantages of vacuum packed vegetables

  1. Extend the fresh-keeping period: vacuum packaging can effectively prevent vegetables from contacting with air, thereby slowing down the respiration of vegetables and the growth of microorganisms. This can effectively extend the fresh-keeping period of vegetables, and is also conducive to reducing the loss of vegetables and improving the quality of vegetables.
  2. Maintain nutritional value: Vacuum packaging can reduce the chance of vegetables being exposed to air, thereby reducing the risk of vegetable oxidation and nutrient loss, and maintaining the nutritional value and taste of vegetables to the greatest extent.
  3. Convenient storage and portability: vacuum packaging can seal vegetables in a compact package. This makes it easier to store and carry vegetables, and can also reduce damage to vegetables during transportation. Therefore, vegetable vacuum packing machines are becoming more and more popular.
  4. Reduce food pollution: Vacuum packaging can effectively reduce external pollution to vegetables, such as dust and bacteria, so as to ensure the hygiene and safety of vegetables.
  5. Increase aesthetics: vacuum packaging can make the appearance of vegetables more beautiful, thereby increasing consumers’ desire to buy.
Vegetables packed by vegetable packing machine
vegetables packed by vegetable packing machine

How to pack vegetables for sale?

  1. Plastic bag packaging: Put vegetables in plastic bags and seal them to prevent air and moisture from entering and prolong the freshness period of vegetables.
  2. Vacuum packing: Put the vegetables into the vacuum bag. Use the vegetable vacuum packing machine to vacuumize the vegetable packaging bags to isolate the vegetables from the air and extend the freshness period of the vegetables.
  3. Carton packaging: put vegetables in cartons for sale. Merchants will add ventilation holes in the carton to keep the freshness and breathing of vegetables.
  4. Mesh bag packaging: put vegetables in mesh bags for sale. The breathability of the mesh keeps vegetables fresh and breathable
  5. Stem and leaf packaging: Leave the roots, stems, and leaves of the vegetables on the vegetables, and wrap the vegetables in wet towels for sale.


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