Types of Fruit Juice Packaging

Fruit juice is a common beverage, which not only provides water and vitamins to the human body but also satisfies people’s demand for delicious food and variety.

However, the quality and taste of juice depend not only on raw materials and processing technology but also on the type and quality of packaging. The following types of fruit juice packaging are currently on the market.

Fruit juice packaging machine
fruit juice packaging machine

Types of packaging for fruit juices

Polyester bottle (PET)

This is a way of fruit juice packaging in plastic bottles. It accounts for 40% of the market share and is one of the most common forms of juice packing today. Polyester bottles have the advantages of lightness, transparency, impact resistance, etc., which can easily display the color and texture of the juice, and can also be carried and used conveniently. However, polyester bottles also have disadvantages such as not easy to degrade and easy to permeate oxygen. This affects the shelf life and nutritional content of the juice. In addition, polyester bottles are prone to release harmful substances under high temperature or sunlight, which is a potential hazard to human health.

Polyester bottles with fruit juice
polyester bottles with fruit juice

Metal cans

This is a way of packaging fruit juice in metal cans, which has a 20% market share. It is also another common form of fruit juice packaging. Metal cans have the advantages of good sealing, strong anti-corrosion, and easy recycling, which can effectively protect the juice from the influence of the external environment. And can save resources and reduce environmental pollution. However, metal cans also have disadvantages such as heavy weight and high cost, which will increase the cost of transportation and production. And may reduce consumers’ willingness to buy.

Metal cans with fruit juice
metal cans with fruit juice

Paper-plastic composite packaging

This is a flexible packaging material made of paper-plastic composite material, which accounts for 10% of the market share. And it is more popular in Europe and other regions. Paper-plastic composite packaging has the advantages of light weight, good freshness, and foldability, which can reduce transportation space and weight, and can extend the shelf life of juice. In addition, paper-plastic composite packaging also has the characteristics of flexible design and various shapes, which is more visually attractive. However, paper-plastic composite packaging also has disadvantages such as difficult recycling and small capacity.

Paper plastic composite packaging for juice
paper plastic composite packaging for juice

Glass Bottle

This is a rigid packaging material made of glass that has traditionally been considered one of the most premium and safest forms of fruit juice packaging. Glass bottles have the advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, non-deformable, impermeable to oxygen, etc., and perform well in preserving juice. And it can be reused or recycled. However, glass bottles also have disadvantages such as fragility, heavy weight, and high cost, and are prone to losses during transportation and production. And it may increase the risk of accidental injury when consumers use it.

Glass bottle with juice
glass bottle with juice


To sum up, when choosing the type of fruit juice packaging, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages of various types, as well as the characteristics of juice and the needs of consumers. Different types of juice packaging have their rationality and market space, and there is no absolute distinction between good and bad. At top packing machinery, we have high quality fruit juice packing machine for sale. If interested, please fell free to contact us. Only by choosing the most suitable fruit juice packaging type according to the actual situation, can you enjoy the deliciousness and health brought by the juice.