How to Remove the Air from the Popcorn Packing Bag?

Automatic popcorn packing machine is used for vacuum sealing. But what if you find air in the vacuum bag? Do you know what caused this? Now we will give you a detailed explanation.

Nowadays, many food and electronic industries have started to use vacuum packaging machines for packaging. Especially for some perishable cooked foods, such as popcorn. The use of vacuum packaging technology can extend the eating period of popcorn to a certain extent. However, air may occasionally enter. Don’t worry when you encounter this kind of problem. Check the cause of the problem first. Because the commercial popcorn packaging machine is not necessarily damaged.

Automatic popcorn packing machine
automatic popcorn packing machine

This may be because the vacuum degree of the equipment does not meet the requirements, or the packaging of some materials has high requirements for vacuum degree. At this time, if the pump of the packaging machine is small and the vacuum pumping time is short, this phenomenon may occur.

Secondly, when the vacuum packaging machine is used for a long time without maintenance, the performance of the equipment may be affected. The automatic popcorn packing machine may pump in a small amount of water after a long period of work, which may cause pollution and cause the vacuum packaging machine to fail to reach the required vacuum degree. In addition, this may also happen if there are bubbles in the packaging bag of the vacuum packaging machine. But this is a normal phenomenon. The vacuum bag will disappear after being placed for a period of time.


The above is the analysis of the air problem in the packaging bag of the automatic popcorn packing machine. Tianhui Packaging Machinery is a company specializing in the production and research and development of packaging machinery. If you need a popcorn packer, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.