Is the production equipment of washing powder and washing liquid the same?

The answer is different. The equipment for producing laundry detergent mainly includes purification equipment, disinfection equipment, emulsification equipment, agitator, and laundry detergent packaging machine. The detergent powder making machine includes mixing equipment, a fog tower, a sealing machine, and a detergent powder packaging machine. There is also some other auxiliary equipment.

Detergent powder packaging machine
detergent powder packaging machine

What preparations need to be made to open a laundry detergent factory?

  1. Master various raw materials and practical proportions of laundry detergent production.
  2. Manufacturing process: First add the preservative into the water and stir it evenly, then add all the raw materials into the water, use the mixer to stir and dissolve them, and then add salt to thicken them.

Preparation workshop

  1. The workshop depends on the scale of the factory. From small to large, a production site of 50 square meters to square meters is required.
  2. Common production tools: electronic scale, weighbridge, mixer, mixing bucket, PH test paper, detergent powder packaging machine.

Handle business licenses and other certificates

First of all, according to the requirements of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, apply for a business license at the Administration for Industry and Commerce. Then go to the bank to apply for a company account.

Step 4: Mass production

Purchase a batch of raw materials for formal production